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About Us

Our Family History

We opened our first location on December 26th, 2003 and moved from Ingram road to 4416 Callaghan Road in January, 2006. Our history of authenticity and food variance comes from Ofelia Martinez, father Luis De La Cerda Sr., and mother Rosa De La Cerda, from a beautiful town in San Buenaventura, Coahuila, Mexico.
Our family has roots in a chain of restaurants in Mexico with more than 30 years of restaurant industry experience. We opened our second location during the last week of March, 2016, and we plan to expand even further. Luis Sr. was crowned the name of the restaurant after the remarkable, heart-touching story of a little Mexican boy who loved bullfighting so much that he would actually spend his recreational time watching bullfights as a teen and young adult, growing up to admire bullfighting and meeting many legendary bullfighters. Many of them have awarded Luis Sr. actual signature bull blankets. Our restaurants feature a variety of these claimed historic items.

Come Taste Our Passion for Food

Luis Jr. told the story of how much he loves the passion his father has put in the restaurant that even extends to his mother, who has had a close-knit relationship with the restaurant for more than 15 years and is the main cook. Luis Jr.'s mom took her talent and skill to help design and create a true victory and achieve a long family dream that is truly remarkable. Join us for genuine Mexican cooking that leaves you wanting more.
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